Buying The Insuarance Company For The Trust And Faifulness

Maintain The Company’s Regulation BUT Does Not Lose The Company’s Culture

Strictly Recruitment Process – Professional Training Program

Long Experience In The Professional Security Services Field

Your Safety – Our Success

Professional Security Services

The Youth In Enthusiasm – The Partner In Belief

Bring The Satisfaction And Trust To Clients

Thanh Nien Guards

Anywhere Has Difficulties – There Have The Youth Security Services


logo Designed with two main components is the icon images and the brand content of The Youth Security Services Joint-Stock Company.Thanh Nien Security Services Company’s Logo is a war-shield image. The war-shield is a weapon always accompanied by an ancient warrior with its meaning: protection, safety, presents for the strong, victory, healthy. The war-shield still shows the profession of Thanh Nien Security Services joint-Stock Company.

Accompanied by the war-shield is two golden palms presented the victory. This makes Thanh Nien Security becomes more reliable. Customers will feel peace of mind when using Thanh Nien Security Services. With straight sword is symbolized for force and justice, it is also signified the initiative in situations when the shield is considerred to be image of the safety shield. The image makes power, force in the logo. This is brought the peace of might feel to clients when protected by The Youth Security Services Joint-Stock Company.

The color of The Youth security services company is yellow, black, and red.

Red symbolizes the victory, endurance and power. Conception of Orient People, this color is symbolized for happiness and completeness. This color is often seen a lot in holidays, welcoming the new year, opening Ceremony…

Yellow brings the message of warmth, friendly, energetic, upbeat, fun and social.

Black shows authority, expressing serious, strenghth, sophisticated traditions.

Logo Thanh Nien Security Services Company is the harmonious combination of specific security symbols, bringing the healthy tone to logo, and creating the unique impression of profession, criteria and service provided by Thanh Nien Security Services JS Company.


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The YOUTH Security Services Joint Stock Company

B27 Khu Nam Long, Phu Thuan Street, Phu Thuan Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City


Sales Dep’t:

Ms Phuong: 0903 768 465

Mr Quoc: 0902 859 948

HR Dep’t: Ms Thu 08 3773 4201

Accounting Dep’t: Ms Dung 08 3773 4202

printFax: (84-8) 3773 8156